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A Doll House
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...Friends Only... [
November 12th, at 8:12pm
[ mood | busy ]


this journal is now officially... Friends Only...
if you'd like to be added to my friends list comment here!

my entries are usually always about crafts, dolls, works and sometimes my private life...
i always post pictures because i have this great great love about photography :)

i mostly post in english but as my mother language is portugese there is also some of it in here...
so if you have interests in common with me please feel free to comment  :)

Feel free to visit my Etsy Shop!!!!

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last 2 days [
February 26th, at 1:19pm

last 2 days
Originally uploaded by ♥bombom
I am going to close my shop for a few weeks or maybe months.
The reason is because i will move to the Netherlands next week for an internship. I plan to buy a sewing machine there and i am also taking with me some of my yarn, so possibly in sometime i will be able to open it again!

I still have 6 items available in my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/sugardollshop so if you want to buy something i'd say do it now as in the 27th i will no longer take orders.

Filipa aka bombom
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May 9th, at 1:00pm
Been feeling in the mood for sewing, just haven't had much time
Must confess i haven't had much patience for knitting... guess it's the warm weather and the fact that it gets night later, makes me want to sew instead of knit...

so i just added msd tights in 3 new colors: Red, Green and Pink

love how they fit on my girl :)

these photos were taken with the new lens and i must say it works really well, i like to show details of materials!

you can find them on my Etsy
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SugarDoll 1st year on Etsy! Come and enjoy our offers! [
March 16th, at 10:36am

March 11th is the date of the first sold item here on Etsy! :)
So to celebrate our 1st year all buyers will get FREE shipping with any order! no matter how many items! :)

Also with ANY 2 items (or more) i will offer you an extra Lati Yellow Bonnet your color choice!

from March 11 to March 25
Contact me for more info!*

Visit the Shop

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blog [
November 1st, at 8:48pm
had my mind on getting a blog
mostly craft related
so here it is


feel free to add me and let me know your link so i can add you!

I'm not leaving LJ, no!
just felt like having a different place to post
and open to everyone!

this LJ is still quite private!*
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August 22nd, at 8:09pm

My sister has an Etsy shop!!
Visist BeMyPixel for loads of pixel Love!!*
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May 15th, at 11:30pm
Desenho Mangacurta.com - Bdoll

Come and vote for me! :)
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March 9th, at 8:17pm

(click the image)

New items at your favourite Doll Shop!!!
Come and check them!

* Pins * Icecreams * Tights * Shirts * Desses *


Sugar Doll - New Items! [
February 13th, at 12:41am

Come and see for yourself!
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ainda tenho de descobrir porque é que me aparecem aqui sempre coisas pornográficas.... [
October 14th, at 3:23pm
[ mood | tired ]

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